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Old Way vs. New Way




Why do people love online investment company Betterment? It might have something to do with their low, transparent fees, easy-to- understand UI, and investment strategies backed by Nobel-prize winning research. Betterment needed a way to convey these stellar talking points in a direct response-style TV commercial that would work hand-in- hand with its brand campaign.



Working within direct response best practices, we developed several creative approaches to tackle the brief. The first spot, “Second Guesses”, honed in on real investing doubts, like: “Am I making the most of my money?” Or, “Is my advisor getting paid to recommend certain funds to me?” These relatable questions paved the way for a leading transparent investment solution like Betterment. The second spot, “Which Side?” presented the old vs. new way as a simple and compelling choice: Do you want to invest the old way or the new way? The effective framework was established to drive our audience to pick a side and take control of their financial future.


Why choose between two great options? Betterment decided to run both creative approaches to test in market.