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“For many direct-to-consumer companies trying to diversify their marketing away from Facebook and into traditional media, TV stands as a new opportunity. DTC companies that have been experimenting with TV for a few years say it’s paying off in web traffic and sales.” -DIGIDAY

Brands We've Launched on Tv

So you've had success on digital...


...but you see TV as an untapped channel for eyeballs, traffic and conversions. TV can be daunting to the newcomer brand--perhaps you’ve heard about the mythical million-dollar production costs and 4-month turnaround times.


Quirk is different. We help brands craft compelling (and ROI-driving) narratives made for TV at a price and turnaround time that makes sense. 

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Case Study



Keeps needed to launch their brand and wanted to test TV right out of the gates. We delivered two high-performing concepts to test in market. TV contributed to high brand growth, leading Keeps to raise $15Million shortly thereafter. And now, we’re working on their second flight using learnings from the first.

“I highly recommend Quirk. The team was communicative, easy to work with, came up with great ideas, and worked with us on an aggressive timeline to complete 2 full concepts, including a marathon day of shooting across 3 locations in 2 states."


-Steve Gutentag, CEO

Process & Insights


We start with an in-depth, in person working session to learn everything there is to know about your brand and audience, and work through a rock-solid creative brief together. From there, we move into concept development (where we present you a range of creative flavors to bring the brief to life), scriptwriting and storyboarding, pre-production (where decisions like casting and locations happen), production (the shoot), and post production (editing and animation).


We recommend you set aside 8 weeks start to finish, but we are able to accommodate expedited turnaround times if needed.

TV production typically starts at around $125k, but fluctuates according to how many spots (and therefore shoot days) are needed and how bold the creatives are (i.e., how many explosions/ moon landings / tigers we’ll need). We’re always happy to discuss what’s feasible in your budget range.

Schedule permitting, we can also capture social and digital content during a TV shoot so that you’re coming away with as many assets as possible.

Yes. We even send you a hard drive after the shoot for you to keep.

We are happy to work with your existing media partner (chances are, we’ve worked with them before), or make recommendations on a media partner for your needs.

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