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What We Do

#1 Video Production Company in New York

Discover effective video storytelling right here in New York. As the leading creative video production company in New York, we blend creativity and state-of-the-art production to drive brands forward through video creative.

Our Video Production Services In New York

Explore a diverse range of video production services in New York that we’ve designed for all your unique needs.
From conceptualization to execution, our services are designed to drive results.

Channel-Specific Expertise

Crafting campaigns that resonate on every platform

Our video storytelling mastery extends across diverse platforms, ensuring your message resonates everywhere your audience consumes media.

From TikTok's short-form bursts and Meta's immersive experiences to LinkedIn's professional network, linear TV's broad reach, streaming's on-demand audience, YouTube's vast viewership, and Amazon's e-commerce integration, our expertise ensures optimal engagement for every channel.

DR & Brand Campaign Expertise

Turning viewers into customers, and customers into brand advocates.

Leveraging our deep understanding of direct response and brand campaigns, we craft narratives that not only captivate top-of-funnel views but also drive action. Our expertise ensures your message resonates, engages, and achieves measurable results for your brand.

One-Stop-Shop of Video Specialists

From concept development to the final cut, we've got every angle covered

Our team comprises experts in every facet of video production. We're here to guide you through every step to deliver a seamless experience and a final product that uplifts your brand and drives sales.

Maximizing Content Capture

Our team excels at optimizing every moment of your shoot day(s), meticulously planning for multi-channel content, dedicated social media shoots, and on-set photography. We make every shot count and provide you with a rich variety of content to fuel your brand’s visual presence across all platforms.

Celebrity and Non-Union

With extensive experience in managing both high-profile celebrity productions and flexible non-union initiatives, we strike the perfect balance between star power and practical efficiency. Our team is adept at navigating the unique demands and nuances of both worlds to ensure a smooth production process from start to finish.

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Exceptional Features for Production Excellence


Experience the magic of integrated top-tier video production and creative services. Here are the key features that set our approach apart:

  • In-House Editing: With a keen eye for detail and storytelling, we ensure every cut, transition, and effect elevates your message.
  • Timely Delivery: Our streamlined production process ensures that your project is delivered on schedule, without compromising on quality.

How Our New York Video Production Services Work

Embarking on a visual journey with our creative video production company in New York is a smooth experience. Here's a snapshot of our process:

Kickoff Workshop

Kickoff Workshop

We begin by understanding your vision, objectives, and brand essence.

Concept Development

Concept Development

We explore a wide range of campaigns, commercials, and content ideas and platforms.

Storyboarding & Animatics

Storyboarding & Animatics

Concepts are transformed into a visual blueprint.



We handle all casting, location scouting, and shoot day details.



With a hand-selected crew shooting nationwide
(and beyond), we capture your commercial in high resolution.

Editing & Post-Production

Editing & Post-Production

Our team refines edits through to finalization, including color correction and sound mixes.

Our Video Production Highlights

Our Creative Highlights

Client Testimonials

Delightful to work with. Quirk put a lot of thought and detail into their strategy, crafting two distinct creatives that captured the Daily Harvest mission in unique ways.


The Quirk team has been wonderful to work with. Not only are they extremely timely meeting our deadlines, but their creative work has brought our brand to life. They have been a great partner and we look forward to working with them as we continue to grow.


Your team did an excellent job starting with the brief we provided and quickly filling in the gaps with creativity, polish, and execution we were looking for.


A big thanks along to the entire team on this project. We're so proud of how the spots turned out, especially how high quality our food looks.


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Why Choose Quirk


At Quirk, we believe in the power of visual storytelling to connect and engage.


Our commitment to excellence in every aspect of video production ensures that your message is seen and deeply experienced.

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As leaders in the visual content realm, we offer a diverse array of audio/visual services tailored to amplify your brand's needs.


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Captivating Photography

High-quality photos that capture the essence of your brand.


Immersive 3D Animations

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Lights, Camera, Action!

Ready to bring your vision to the big screen?

Whether you're starting from scratch or refining an existing project, we're here to guide and collaborate.