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Eurotrip Rewind




Babbel had hit a wall with their creative. Careful flights of DR spots had built them into the #1 most purchased language learning app in the country, but their response rates from once successful spots had stagnated. Quirk was hired to analyze the old campaigns, form a hypothesis as to why they’d plateau’d, and craft a new campaign to revitalize interest.



Our supposition is that they had reached maximum saturation with the potential customer base that was susceptible to classic, testimonial-style messaging, and that the next flight should speak to the emotional benefits of language learning. Research showed that fluency and enhanced travel were the main drivers, so we wanted to pair that with Babbel’s retention and methodology. We zeroed in on the awkward moment of trying to recall a language, and used that as a narrative bookend to flashback through Babbel’s process and value props in a high-stakes, emotionally grounded narrative.