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Milestones That Matter

Begin Learning

Begin’s emotional new brand anthem urges parents to rethink what childhood success looks like.

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    Begin was founded as a parent company to bring beloved early learning brands like Little Passports, Codespark, Learn with Sesame, and Homer under one roof. To launch the brand, they wanted a 360 campaign with a strong strategic point of view. How could this campaign introduce Begin to the world and challenge parents to think about early learning in a new way?

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    After some consumer testing and collaboration with Begin’s childhood development experts, we crafted the tagline “For the Milestones that Matter”. What many parents don’t realize is that childhood development milestones most often look…ordinary. And Begin’s products help jump-start “ordinary” moments of curiosity, creativity, and character-building that can last a lifetime. For our TV work, we romanticized the ordinary by seeing the world through the eyes of a child. Through this lens, we see how play time, or a bike ride, or a moment of connection is anything but ordinary.

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