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Hive Brands sets new standards for sustainable grocery shopping in newly launched TV campaign.

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    Hive is not only connecting consumers with the products they love but also finding new ways to share their passion for sustainability and the separate missions of the products they supply. It’s a unique business model to promote because you need to give time to both Hive as a company and to each of the best-selling products that come from entirely independent brands (like chocolate from Tony’s Chocolonely, for example). Our challenge was to find a concise way to communicate Hive’s brand positions while also highlighting the positive impacts of the branded products they supply.

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    We needed to approach the entire commercial building from a modular perspective. On each of the bookendends, Hive had to establish themselves quickly. Their message of sustainability and their rigorous “Hive Five'' product standards show their dedication to providing a better online grocery shopping experience. At the same time, we needed the middle of the spot to focus on the products they connect shoppers with while also making those segments interchangeable. This allowed us to easily swap in different products and their value positions. Ultimately, we landed in a very human, authentic space where the products themselves and Hive as a whole could shine.

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