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Home Chef

Home Chef puts a spin on home-cooked meals in their newest multi-focus TV spots.

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    Home Chef is a definitive leader in the meal kit space. After finding continued success, their new mission is to help customers (both new and old) discover all the different meal lines they have to offer. Our challenge was to find a balance between highlighting the benefits they provide, with the wide range of meal lines they have to offer.

  • Creative Solution

    Fortunately for us, the deliverables for this project included five major :30 seconds spots. Four of those spots to be individually focused on the meals lines (Classic, Oven-Ready, Fast & Fresh, and Family). In these four spots, we were able to show the food in delicious ways, while hitting hard on the key messaging about fresh ingredients and time saved in the kitchen. With the fifth spot, we dedicated it entirely to a people-focused, testimonial-esque execution that’s all about the benefits that make having a Home Chef subscription the best and tastiest decision you can make.

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