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Read to Me / Fifteen Minutes




HOMER is the proven, most effective early learning solution. They’ve advertised online and on PBS, but wanted a spot that would work on both PBS and as part of a broader initiative to advertise on commercial TV channels to grow their name recognition and market share. We were tasked with creating a brand spot and DR spot that would highlight the reason why it’s the proven, effective best start. In short, a child’s individual passions and interests fuel the desire to read, unlocking new worlds of ideas and imagination.



Our brand spot was guided by the insight that, to parents, a child’s reading and growth is the most emotional driver. We illustrated the insight with a sweet story that follows a little girl as she learns to read from the ages of 2, 4, 6, and 8, guided by Homer and a love of the stars.

The DR spot was written to showcase the effectiveness of HOMER (fifteen minutes per day can improve early reading by up to 74%). Here, we showed a little girl harnessing her imagination, spending 15 minutes to create a vast and insane slot car jump all throughout her house. Then we showed how that same passion and creativity gets channeled through the HOMER app.