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Ignite Delight




By 2020, MakeSpace had established its place in the storage market, but it needed to stand out. It needed a brand story to take it from "storage solution" to "lifestyle solution". Our task was to make creative that explained how MakeSpace empowers people to live beyond the constraints of stuff, and reclaim their  physical and mental space.



To tell MakeSpace's story, we mocked a certain decluttering guru's advice to toss everything that doesn't "ignite delight".  Because the truth is, with MakeSpace, you can have all the spiritual and mental benefits of minimalism without throwing anything away. These videos leaned into humor and a cultural moment around "minimalism" to highlight MakeSpace's free pick-up, bins, and seasonal closet features.


MakeSpace Seasonal Closet

MakeSpace also needed to advertise its new "Season Closet" Feature. They wanted to target seasonal-storers, folks who need to rotate out summer and winter items, but whose storage needs are too small for a conventional unit. To help users realize just how much their winter clothes are clogging their space, we filmed a closet-cleanout from start to finish. Watching a cluttered transform into organizational zen is not only weirdly satisfying, but it's also playful and social-friendly.