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Storage Without the Struggle




The world of storage can be a dreary one. Market research suggests that customers who are looking to store their personal effects inherently sense that it’s a long and complicated process, leading to inertia in opting in. MakeSpace, a full-service storage company, understood this, and tasked us to create a fun, playful spot that would differentiate them from the self-storage category (think orange doors, long hallways, and a lot of moving).



Our spot, Storage Without the _______, focused on a variable: the many pain points of traditional self-storage. The flexible format allowed by the ______ allowed us to show a series of vignettes that featured the problems of self-storage, moving, traveling, and retrieval. The vignettes allowed us to clearly differentiate MakeSpace from the rest of the category, highlight that the service moves and delivers, and focus on the customer benefits: peace of mind and convenience.