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It’s the Orange One

Paris Presents



The RealTechniques Miracle Complexion sponge is the cult-favorite makeup tool you’ve never heard of. Dig into the product reviews or any makeup-obsessed corner of the internet,  and you’ll find scores of users who all say the same thing: this makeup sponge is a gamechanger. Our job was to create a video to give that consumer love a voice.



To tell this user-centric story, we decided to feature the users themselves. We had all our ducks in a row for a user-generated spot, when the COVID-19 pandemic hit New York hard. So, we got creative. We sent our talent cameras and lighting equipment, and carefully art directed their scenes remotely. It took a lot of collaboration, but our final product came together seamlessly to tell the story of the internet’s favorite makeup sponge.

real techniques mock-min