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Best Life




Scribd could be described as “the Netflix of audio & ebooks,” a single subscription that gives access to a wide library of content. Their actual offerings go far beyond that, including millions of documents, scans, and even a popular sheet music collection. The company had succeeded because its library funnelled in millions of searches, but they wanted to expand in a big way with a linear brand and DR campaign that would introduce them to a wider audience.



We started by digging into the value props that had most resonated in their display campaigns: Scribd was ‘library in your pocket,’ and it’s offerings helped you ‘unlock your best life.’ After interviews with real Scribd customers, we noticed they were all idiosyncratic, passionate, and defined by their interests. The first campaign, “Best Life” deconstructed the “Live Your Best Life” cliche, by exploring a series of possible best lives that spoke to the diversity and interests of Scribd users. The second, Mastery, delved into the emotional benefit of a pocket library, by speaking to the “wiki hole” that avid readers get into when they fall in love with a subject, and tying it to a spot that honored family, heritage, and the connection between reading and life.