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Skinfix’s debut TV campaign positions skin barrier health as the secret to a glowing complexion.

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    We all want healthy, bouncy, moisturized skin– and investing in skin barrier health is how to get it. But what is a skin barrier, exactly? And how does Skinfix, well, fix it? Skinfix needed TV spots to educate consumers about skin health and how their products promote it. Our challenge was to explain Skinfix’s patented BL-3 technology and the benefits of a healthy skin barrier in a distinct and comprehensible way.

  • Creative Solution

    We developed a 3D mnemonic to illustrate BL-3 technology and barrier repair for integration within our video creative. The mnemonic included elements to establish ownability for the brand and showcase efficacy. We introduced color, and the brand’s plus signs to create a matrix. Voids were added to the matrix to signify breaks within the skin barrier. The introduction of BL-3 closed the voids, making for a clear, distinct, and visually satisfying interpretation of barrier repair. The video creative drove understanding and awareness further; highlighting the symptoms of a damaged skin barrier and the immediate and overtime benefits of BL-3 technology. It also, featured an influencer and a skincare model. Quirk was tasked with skincare model casting. Our approach took into account diversity and a representation of varying skincare needs. As a result, we undertook in person casting sessions. These sessions helped evaluate skin, movement, and determine whether our talent could replicate the action needed to transition from model application to the 3D mnemonic.

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