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ThirdLove is online retailer that’s obsessed with helping women find their perfect-fitting bra––which is no easy feat. They just needed a little help from us to break into the television advertising space in order to reach a wider audience of women and drive sales.



If there’s one thing all women have in common, it’s the utter hatred for ill-fitting bras and how annoying it is to shop for them. So we surveyed women across the country about their most painful bra-shopping and bra-wearing experiences (digging underwire, anyone?) and used these insights to build a series of relatable and action-driving spots—one set featuring real customers, and another featuring ThirdLove’s own founder and CEO.

Third Love 2


"Underwear company ThirdLove first started investing in TV in 2017, starting with a budget of $286,000 for the month. Within three months, the company had spent $3 million. ThirdLove’s monthly TV budget has more than quadrupled since then."

“As advertising on Facebook and other digital channels becomes more and more expensive, offline strategy, especially TV, is more and more important,” said Heidi Zak, co-founder and CEO of ThirdLove.