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Put The Filter Down




For their second flight of creative, TULA needed concepts tailored to several different demographics. Their acne products and their new “Embrace Your Skin” messaging was tailored toward Gen-Z consumers while their ageless line appealed to busy 30-somethings on the go. Our challenge was to create three spots that could balance these different messages and audiences in a way that felt true to the brand.




We tackled TULA’s challenge with three hardworking creatives. In “Put the Filter Down”, we tapped into Gen-Z trends by proving that with TULA (and a healthy dose of self-love), you don't need to hide behind a filter. Then, in “Dr. Raj” and “Feed Your Skin”, we tackled the TULA story from both a scientific angle, and a more down-to-earth, relatable angle. All in all, TULA walked away with three spots that each nailed a different brand pillar.