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December 16, 2016

2016 SXSW Film and Interactive Festival


Two members of the Quirk team, Gaelan and Meryl, have recently submitted to be speakers at the 2016 SxSW Film and Interactive Festival- with sessions you do not want to miss! Part of the decision process is based on online voting via the public.


Gaelan’s session dives into the world of independent film making (his roots), demonstrating how it’s possible to make a high-quality international action movie without a million-dollar budget. If you believe in breaking the confines of Hollywood filmmaking, then this is the session for you. (And trust us, Gaelan works miracles with client budgets on the advertising side of things.)


Meryl’s session is a showcase of Quirk’s recent “American Dream” campaign with Western Union. Meryl and our client will discuss the new age of authentic advertising. If you want to see how crafting authentic stories and sharing them strategically with the public can drive brand awareness, then this is the session for you.


If you have a few minutes, read up on this year’s Quirk proposals and cast your vote!


Here’s how:

  1. Go to
  2. Use your email to make an account and sign in
  3. Once signed in, click the box “Search/Vote”
  4. Type in “Gaelan Connell” on the search bar and click Search.
  5. Click on “Disrupt Hollywood: Making an Action Film for $200k”
  6. On the left side, click the thumbs up sign to vote!
  7. Go back to Search/Vote.
  8. Search “Meryl Draper”
  9. Click on “Authentic Advertising: A Case Study of Success”
  10. On the left side, click the thumbs up sign to vote!


Every vote counts, so thank you!