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September 26, 2022

Agencies create pro-bono work for abortion hotline after Roe v Wade repeal

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This post originally appeared in The Drum


Following the US Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v Wade earlier this year, Quirk Creative’s founder Meryl Draper put out a rallying cry to her LinkedIn followers to form a coalition of agencies who could offer resources.

The aim was to create pro bono work for abortion organizations and now, five months later, a powerful film for the National Abortion Federation has been released.

‘It’s Your Call’ features actor Kathy Najimy, known for her role in Disney’s Hocus Pocus, and many other women who detail their experiences of terminating a pregnancy. The hope is that these real-life experiences will reach potential callers, destigmatize abortion and provide an environment where information on safe abortions is accessible.

In a statement Draper said: “Nothing makes me happier than mobilizing resources for a cause that matters. Agencies can have a role in shaping the future we want to see. And in case there was ever a doubt… it’s your fucking call.”


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