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June 6, 2019

Book of the Month Spot Invites Viewers to Read Into It.

Doing it when your boyfriend is asleep. Satisfied women. The thickness. Naturally, we’re talking about books.

Founded in 1926 as a subscription service, Book of the Month has embraced a fresh new image, and target to young, millennial women who like to read.

Quirk was brought on to develop new TV spots for the brand. The company eschews tired bookish tropes of shelves and reading glasses. They have identified the value of books as entertainment, and wanted spots that entertained. We were encouraged to push the conceptual envelope and advised that the company did not believe in censorship. Music to our ears!

To best determine the creative strategy and approach we engaged with actual Book of the Month customers across the country, and landed on a few guiding insights: Book of the Month readers admit that they often prefer reading over sex, and they embrace the spirit of community provided by Book of the Month. Those insights inspired the final concept: a fun, playful spot where a community of women at work discuss the pleasures of Book of the Month in a way that could be read as… a different kind of pleasure.

We internally pitched over 200 lines, and took care to select the ones that would sound natural and convey true value propositions, such as customer’s ability to choose from 5 picks each month. And of course, we chose the lines that made us laugh.

The resulting campaign takes the brand’s personality, values, and community, and distills it all into a TV-friendly, focused message. The spots launched in June, 2019.