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October 9, 2023

Firstleaf Rolls Out New Ad Campaign “End of Endless”


Firstleaf, America’s Most Personalized Wine Company, today began a new national advertising campaign featuring two 30-second cross-channel television and online commercials entitled “End of Endless” – a campaign that elicits a sense of humor and relatability, connecting with wine enthusiasts who seek an easier method to discover wines they’ll adore, all while avoiding the anxiety and the sense of being overwhelmed typically associated with the wine store experience.

The first ad underscores the internal pressures individuals experience when attempting to choose a wine they’ll enjoy, showcasing Jennifer as she navigates a physical maze of wine aisles. In the second spot, Jennifer encounters an arrogant wine clerk who employs intimidating and unconventional wine terminology to exert external pressure, urging her to pick a suitable bottle.

“The relatability and bewilderment of navigating through countless wine aisles, a multitude of labels, and intimidating wine clerks at brick-and-mortar wine stores is oftentimes a very unpleasant experience,” said Rich Preciose, Senior Director of Brand, Creative & PR at Firstleaf. “These spots use humor and relatability to call attention to the industry-wide problem of complicating the wine selection process. We want consumers to know that Firstleaf eliminates wine lovers’ frustrations through unmatched personalization.”

Many consumers are overwhelmed by the varieties available. There are nearly 65,000 wine producers across the globe, and with an excess of 10,000 grape varieties and an abundance of wine aisles filled with labels offering no insight into the wine’s flavor, it’s unsurprising that individuals find themselves in a state of perplexity when attempting to make wine purchases. The inclusion of peculiar tasting notes such as “herbaceous” and “mineraly” only compounds the confusion further. “Wine isn’t complicated, but the process of finding a bottle you love sure is,” said Geoff Sanders, CMO of Firstleaf. “Our goal with these spots is to let people know that Firstleaf’s top priority is to make selecting wine simple.”

Developed by Firstleaf and its new creative agency, Quirk, the campaign features a woman Jennifer navigating an all-too-familiar wine journey that is cleverly rooted in consumer truths. Faced with endless choices, a maze of wine aisles, and confusing jargon, which remain a driving force within the Firstleaf brand – making selecting wine far less complicated.

Firstleaf’s mission is to remove the guesswork that comes with wine selection, making it easy to discover new favorites without the “hit or miss.” Patented technology fuels an online quiz that members take, with personalized wine shipped directly to customers, based on taste preferences. With an accuracy rate of 96%, Firstleaf samples thousands of wines per year, with only 2% becoming part of Firstleaf’s impressive portfolio. To date, Firstleaf has earned an astounding 3,000+ industry awards.


About Firstleaf

Firstleaf is America’s most personalized wine company, helping over one million people find wines they’re guaranteed to love.

Founded by Philip James, a wine industry veteran and Oxford-educated chemist, Firstleaf brings together patented technology, expert winemakers and a WSET-certified wine concierge team to build a unique Wine Profile for each member. Sampling thousands of wines each year from 12 countries across 5 continents, its winemakers select only the finest bottles, curating each shipment individually. In fact, 98% of the monthly boxes shipped by Firstleaf are unique. In June 2023, Firstleaf surpassed the 3,000 award mark, with more than 500 bottles scoring 90+ points. It’s been recognized by Fast Company’s Annual List of the World’s Most Innovative Companies for 2022, named 2021 Wine Company of the Year in the Winemaker Challenge International Wine Competition, and is on Wine Business Monthly’s list of Top 50 Largest Wineries.

Firstleaf’s deep understanding of winemaking and technology ensures the perfect selection for both beginners and experts: members report a 96% approval rating of the wines chosen especially for them. Also of note: 94% of its customers report that Firstleaf helped them discover wines they love, while 95% are impressed by the variety of wines the company offers. This includes the Fine Wine Collection, Firstleaf’s selection of best-in-class wines from around the World.

Industry-leading innovation is seen in the company’s 2023 introduction of WinePrintTM. This unique, Firstleaf-only offering provides an in-depth look into member preferences, including favorite wines, varietals and tasting notes. Data-informed by a customer’s wine ratings, WinePrint will be a starring feature on the company’s soon-to-be-released app, Firstleaf Pocket Sommelier, empowering members to discover new bottles, share favorites with friends and wine retailers, and order confidently in restaurants.

About Quirk
Quirk Creative is a WBE-certified, award-winning boutique advertising agency specialized in video-based campaigns. They combine creative strategy, testing and production for maximum brand-awareness and response driving campaigns on TV, OTT, digital, social, and beyond. Find out more at