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August 11, 2022

Retail Media, Q4 Campaign Insights, & 2023 Planning

Well, it’s the Dog Days of summer. And it’s hard to believe there are only a few weeks left of summer and many of our brands are gearing up to launch their Fall creative in September, if they haven’t already released a back-to-school campaign. 



The Back to School Market according to Deloitte insights is up 24% since 2019 at 34.4 Billion but homeschooling throughout the pandemic may impact growth. 



With increased digital fatigue across channels, consumers have returned to in store, and the current market size is still larger in person than online. As a result many see Retail media as a very important growing category, for optimal creative to reach target audiences across different touch points during the shopping journey (both online & in-person). Many DTC brands and retailers track attribution differently with various proprietary platforms, however  it’s still important to remember that many consumers are still shopping in store this 2022 year.


BCG explains How Retail Media Is Reshaping Retail


“The strength of retail media reflects the fact that advertisers like the visibility of performance provided by closed-loop measurement capabilities—the ability to tie a media campaign back to omni-channel sales. Its success both as a business opportunity and as a marketing channel is prompting other industries, such as travel and auto, to boost investment in this area. We estimate that media revenue from the expanded group of industries that we call “commerce media” could add $10 billion on top of the baseline $100 billion net revenue estimate for retail media in the US over the next five years.”


Q4 Creative Campaigns & 2023 Planning 


As Q4 media planning cycles approach with Black Friday + Cyber Monday on the horizon, many of our brand clients & partners are finalizing end of year campaigns. With 2023 planning also in tow, the big questions around attribution tracking and optimizations is still a hot topic. Forbes breaks down “What Retailers Need To Learn From Holiday 2021” for this year. Quirk believes there are many ways to optimize Q4 creative with net new live production campaigns, unique animated spots or even sometimes more affordable footage reworks to keep evergreen content fresh and avoid audience saturation.