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Who’s Cooking For Your Cat?

Made by Nacho

Celebrity chef Bobby Flay hands over taste testing responsibilities to promote his gourmet cat food brand in latest TV campaign.

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    When you have access to a celebrity for your commercial shoot, you want to use them. When it came to Made By Nacho, we had two…Bobby and his beautiful Maine Coon, Nacho. Our challenge was to find a way to share focus between Bobby and Nacho, while telling a concise and compelling story about why Bobby actually started the company. Who knew so many cats would end up being involved?

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    We realized early that our focus needed to shift. Ultimately, we are helping to showcase the expert experience that Bobby Flay brings to the table and consider that what a cat owner really wants is a happy cat. And how do you get a happy cat? Elaborate toys with feathers? Sure. Scratches behind the ears? Sometimes. Good food they are excited to eat every day? Absolutely! We realized that it’s about showing the audience that this is cat food that is thoughtfully made and loved by cats…a lot of cats (some real and some fully CGI).

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