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This Is What You Train For


Mathnasium’s TV campaign proves that everyone has the potential to be a “math kid” with the right training.

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    When do parents seek out after-school math instruction? When their kids are struggling? When they’re not being challenged? Or when their performance is totally average? With these TV spots, Mathnasium wanted to capture the attention of parents and students at different points in their math journeys.

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    We created two spots that captured different parts of the after-school-math-instruction market. “Math kid” speaks to parents of kids who are underperforming in math. It’s a hopeful spot that positions Mathnasium as the key to transforming the way kids see themselves as math students. “This is what we train for” spots take a different approach. These spots are aimed at high-achievers looking to up their math game. Visually, they’re kinetic and high-energy and position Mathnasium as a fun and engaging place for kids who might otherwise find themselves bored in math class.

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