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We Are Goat People


Naadam’s newest spot shirks fashion industry norms by casting goat people as models.

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  • Challenge

    For our second round of TV spots with the brand, Naadam took the creative handcuffs off. They wanted a campaign that defied every norm of fashion marketing: No vacant model looks, no predictable studio shoot, no close-ups of hands lovingly stroking knitwear. Just something to make to people go “whoa”.

  • Creative Solution

    We wanted to deliver creative that would “wow” across linear TV, CTV, social, and Youtube, but we also wanted a concept that felt true to the brand: enter, goat people. Naadam’s not just unique because of their quality and prices- they’re the only knitwear brand staffed by honest-to-god, half-man, half-goat hybrids. How do you cast for goat people? We used a combination of CGI and expert propping to make our cashmere friends come to life.

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