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Defending every corner of cyberspace


Cybersecurity goes from dry to dramatic, when we give the Secureworks brand a Marvel Movie Makeover.

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    Cybersecurity demands a delicate messaging balance. Secureworks needed to convey the imminent threat of cyber attacks without coming across as fear-mongering. They also needed to convey their unique solution: Taegis XDR, a platform that combines machine-learning technology with human expertise. Oh, and do it all simply and elegantly in under 30 seconds.

  • Creative Solution

    To help build the Secureworks brand and simplify complex cybersecurity concepts, we created a multi-channel campaign built around an extended metaphor. We personified the Taegis XDR program as a larger-than-life Titan who helps a security analyst detect and neutralize threats in cyberspace. Across linear TV, CTV, out-of-home, social, and radio, our heroes work together to defend every corner of cyberspace- which just happens to be the new brand tagline.

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